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Virginia Dressage Association

Charlottesville Chapter

a USDF Region 1 GMO


Thank You Sponsors!

Breed Classes - Arabian Horse Association, American Trakehner Association, American Hanoverian Society, Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society/GOV, Thoroughbred Incentive Program, International Horse Rescue Registry, Sherri Booye, Erin Sweeney, Joyee Pony Farm,

 National Pony Cup, Joanna Gray Randle, Elezsabeth McNeel, VTO, CR Arabians, Jerry Reed, Carla & Doris Scarmazzi, and Gardy Bloemers

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All entries MUST be done

ALL entry documentation, including all signature forms, waivers, and other documentation MUST be submitted via the HSO email link or email directly to Entry Secretary by the Closing Date of the show.

Everyone (riders, handlers, assistant handlers, owners/agents, trainers, coaches, officials, staff, volunteers, and any others) MUST sign a USEF waiver form (on the last page of this PL and posted on our website). Anyone entering grounds without the signed waiver form will be asked to leave. 

USEF SAFE SPORT TRAINING REQUIREMENT: If you are a USEF Competing Member 18 years of age or older you are required to complete the core Safe Sport Training within 30 days of activating your membership. If you do not complete the training, you are ineligible to participate in all USEF activities including competitions. TAKE the SAFE SPORT TRAINING atUSEF.orgby logging into your member dashboard.

Isabel F. de Szinay Memorial Dressage Show

Level 3 Licensed Show

18-19 June 2022

HITS Commonwealth Park, Culpeper, Virginia


$500 Prize Money for the USEF Level Adult Amateur High Score

Official Qualifying Competition for the 2022 FEI North American Youth Championships, 2022 USEF Children

Dressage National Championship, 2022 USEF Pony Rider Dressage National Championship, 2022 Adequan® /USEF

Junior Dressage National Championship, 2022 Horseware Ireland/USEF Young Rider Dressage National

Championship, 2022 Adequan®/USEF Young Adult Brentina Cup Dressage National Championship, 2022

Markel/USEF Young and Developing Horse Dressage National Championships, 2022 USEF Intermediaire I Dressage

National Championship, 2022 USEF Grand Prix Dressage National Championship, 2022 Adequan®/USEF Para

Dressage National Championship, 2022 FEI World Breeding Championships for Young Horses in Dressage

 (Five, Six, and Seven Year Olds)

Qualifying Event for 2022 USDF Breeders Championship East Coast Series

Jovee Pony is sponsoring our pony test of choice class

Jovee Pony Farm has partnered with Equestrian Secretarial Services, Wrangler Jeans, and the Southern States Feed to create the Jovee Pony Championships.   The Championships are held annually at Made In The Shade Dressage Show at the Carolina Horse Park in August. The Championships encompasses both dressage performance and dressage sport horse breeding, divisions. The Championships also includes a Best Over-All Pony Award for both Adults and Junior for those competitors who participate in both the performance and breed divisions. The Jovee Pony Championships are divided into Junior, AA, and Open divisions for the Performance and into Adult and Junior for the Breed. Competitors qualify for the Championships by completing two designated Jovee Pony TOC classes in the Performance Division and one designated Jovee Pony In-Hand class in the Breed Division.

2022 Jovee Pony Championships:

  • All ponies must have a current USEF Pony Measurement Certificate. In the Jovee Pony Breed classes, if the pony is under 3 years of age they must present evidence that (1) sire and/or dam (either or both) are registered with a pony breed or (2) sire and/or dam have valid USEF Pony Measurement Cards.

  • To participate in the Junior Division, rider/handler must provide a DOB showing they are 18 years or younger through the end of the calendar year.

  • To participate as an AA in the Performance Jovee Pony TOC Classes, the rider must hold a current USEF Amateur Card.

  • Jovee Pony Breed Championships will be divided into Junior/Adult.

  • One completed Jovee Pony TOC or Jovee Pony Breed Class is required to qualify (no minimum score).

  • Pony and Rider/Handler qualify as a team for the Championships.

Over-All Best Pony Awards:

  • Ponies must complete both the Breed Championship Class and the Performance Championship class.

  • Pony and Rider/Handler qualify as a team for the Over-All Best Pony Awards.

  • Breed Championship class placings will accrue Championship Points: 1st=6 points, 2nd=5 points, 3rd=4 points, 4th=3 points, 5th=2 points, 6th and below=1 point.

  • Performance Championship class scores will be multiplied by 0.1 to find the Championship Scores.

  • Breed Championship Points will be added to the Performance Championship Scores to find the winners - Adult and Junior.

Full Details:


Ms. Lilo Fore 

Ms. Lois Yukins 

Ms. Carter Bass 

Mr. Gary Rockwell 

Technical Delegate - Tamla Nichols

Announcer - Charlie Musco

Show Management

Secretary: Bettina Longaker

Show Manager: Nancy Lowey

Awards::  Catherine Kern

Volunteer Coordinator: Nancy Doody

Sponsorship and Vendor Coordinator:  

Nancy Lowey

Stable Manager:  Molly  Armentrout

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