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  Volunteer Work Hours Submission

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2023 Volunteer Work Hours Submission Form
Log your volunteer hours and let VADA CH recognize you for your dedication, hard work, and recognition!  A minimum of four (4) hours of volunteerism or service to the organization is required for eligibility for Chapter's Year-End Awards. Chapter Scholarships also require service.  To learn more about how to earn volunteer hours, refer to the webpage "Volunteering". Track your volunteer hours using the Volunteer Work Hours Submission form below.

Chapter Member Name*

Email Address*

Primary Phone*

VADA-CH Event Volunteered*

Date Volunteered (Start Date)*

Date Volunteer (End Date)*

Total Hours Volunteered for Event*

Applying Hours to:*

If you are dividing volunteer hours between Year-End Awards and Scholarship, please indicate allocation below.

VADA-CH Member in Charge of the Event (Show Manager or Volunteer Coordinator)*

Donated Hours to: (Provide Full Chapter Name of Individual)

Number of Hours:

Volunteer hours must be at VADA-CH events and earned between 1 December through 30 November of the competition year. Four hours must be earned by the member to be eligible for Chapter Year-End Awards and eight hours for Chapter Scholarship.  Volunteer hours will be approved by the VADA-CH member in charge of the event listed above. 


If you have questions, please reach out to Nancy Doody, Chapter Volunteer Coordinator, at

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