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         Volunteering with VADA-CH

Volunteer at Isabel F. de Szinay Memorial Dressage Show


VADA-CH relies on volunteers to run enjoyable, organized events. VADA-CH is only as good as its members and their participation! All volunteer contributions are valued. Volunteering provides "behind the scenes" exposure and experience of horse related events, meeting new friends and visiting with old friends.


Volunteer hours must be at VADA-CH events and earned between 1 December through 30 November of the competition year. Eight hours must be earned by the member to be eligible for Chapter Year-End Awards and eight hours for Chapter Scholarship.  For VADA State year-end awards, must have a

half-day of volunteer time with the VADA-CH chapter.  There are no exceptions to these volunteer requirements.

How to Earn Volunteer Hours:

  • Volunteer at VADA-CH's licensed show. (actual hours volunteer credit)

  • Help with set-up for a VADA-CH sponsored clinic or educational event. (actual hours volunteer credit)

  • Submit an article to be published in the VADA-CH Newsletter. (1 hour volunteer credit)

  • Attend VADA-CH Board Meetings. (1 hour volunteer credit)

  • Organize a VADA-CH clinic or educational event. (actual hours volunteer credit)

  • Provide host venue for a VADA-CH event. (actual hours volunteer credit)

  • Become a show sponsor at VADA-CH license show. (1 hour volunteer credit)

  • Solicit and secure licensed show sponsorship/advertiser. (1 hour volunteer credit)

  • Recruit one new VADA-CH member. (1 hour volunteer credit)

  • Clinician for a VADA-CH event. (actual hours volunteer credit)

Log your volunteer hours and let VADA CH recognize you for your dedication, hard work, and recognition! 

Voluteering at VADA-CH Licensed Show

VADA-CH relies on volunteers to run enjoyable, organized shows. The rewards of friendship and free education are just some of the ways you benefit when you volunteer. We’d love to have your help for a morning or afternoon shift (4-5 hours) but even if you can only donate an hour or two, we appreciate your help. Competitors, we can also work around your ride schedule.


Whether you like to scribe, ring steward, run tests, work in the office, or do special projects, VADA-CH provides many opportunities to volunteer! 

For ease of scheduling, volunteers serve either a morning or afternoon shift. Each shift will last approximately four to five hours. Morning volunteers should be morning people, willing to arrive early at 7:00 or 7:30 for shows that begin promptly at 8:00 am. For afternoon shifts, the volunteer should arrive 30 minutes prior to their shift and be prepared to stay until the end of the show day, which is usually 4:00 or 5:00 pm. We are delighted when a volunteer will work a full day or even two! There is a lot of preparation that goes on the days before a show. We can use help all day prior to the show date to set rings and put up signs, banners, and ring decorations. To show our appreciation, a volunteer hospitality area is set up to keep the energy going throughout the day. Volunteering doesn't go unrecognized by the show management! Plenty of surprises!

If you have questions, reach out to Nancy Doody at

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